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Our guiding values: respecting nature and a devotion to innovation

Terre di Marfisa is the name of the agricultural holding founded by the Clarici family. The love and respect for the land can be found in the company logo and in the names of the wines, chosing Etruscan names to reflect the cultural background.

Our missions are care of the environment and innovation, and have pushed Terre di Marfisa to a management style that respects nature and is in synergy with it. We even produce our own energy here on the holding using renewable sources.
In addition to the passion that we bring to producing our own wines, we take the greatest care and apply considerable skill in producing our wines and oil: the perfect blend of modern technology and tradition.



The lands of Terre di Marfisa cover 20 hectares, seven hectares of vineyard have been planted, choosing the most suitable varieties of vines for the favourable exposition and the characteristics of the volcanic soil: Sangiovese, Petit Verdot and Syrah for the red, and Vermentino and the Incrocio Manzoni for the whites.

Six hectares have been dedicated to olive groves to produce the extra virgin olive oil Eleiva.
The town of Farnese lies within the territory where Protected Designation of Origin Canino olive oil is produced. Canino oil is one of the most highly prized varieties of Italian olive oil, and in order to enhance its typical characteristics we have chosen a monoculture of Caninese olives. 

Eleiva is an extra virgin olive oil, which means that the olives are cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvest. 
We harvest the olives early to increase the peppery flavour and the slight bitterness that is typical of Canino olive oil. 

Last but not least, two hectares are dedicated to fully automated greenhouses. They are technological jewels that also host a 220 Kw photovoltaic system which provides renewable energy to the holding and to the surrounding territory.



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