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Wine tours, trekking and visits to the beauties of Tuscia

Sailing in the sea of the Argentario to the island of Giglio

From the gentle hills of Podere di Marfisa, one can see the Tyrrhenian Sea and breathe in its breeze. The Argentario is just an hour’s drive away, and a boat trip is one of the many experiences that guests of the Podere can enjoy.
You can spend the day aboard a motorboat all to yourself, led by an experienced crew.
You will be charmed by the beauty of the beaches and the crystal-clear sea of the Argentario, enjoying the navigation to the island of Giglio, where, once ashore, you can stop for lunch at a restaurant in the small port.

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Tasting with a tour of the vineyards and the winery

Indulge in a visit through our vineyards and cellar, complete with oak barrels, where our wines rest and mature.

A fabulous wine-tasting experience completes the tour.

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Trail running through the vineyards

Two vineyard trails of 1.5 and 2 km, where you can train immersed in nature without a paved road in sight!

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Discovering the villages of Tuscia aboard a vintage car

The charm and excitement of spending a day aboard a splendid vintage car, driving along a one-hundred-kilometer itinerary. A journey to discover our territory with some stops in the picturesque villages of Pitigliano and Montefiascone, as well as along the picturesque Lake Bolsena, where you can also take a break for lunch in a characteristic restaurant in the historic center or by the lakeside. A car will always precede you to show you the way so that you won’t get lost, allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasure of driving. Qualified staff will take care of your safety and look after the car at all times, ensuring excellent service and making everything easier, safer, and more exhilarating.

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Off-roading among the ruins

Off-road tour to explore historical and naturalistic sites of Tuscia.

Afterwards, you will enjoy a 3-course lunch prepared from fresh local ingredients by the Chef of the Osteria Unicorno.

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Bike Tour

You can take one of our electric bikes and ride along roads, mainly unpaved and of medium difficulty, to explore the beauty of the Tuscia.

And after all that effort? We will bring you a picnic basket filled with local products and beverages.

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