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Terre di Marfisa farm

Respect for nature and Innovation

Terre di Marfisa is the brand of the farm founded by the Clarici family.

The love and respect for the territory can be found in the logo and in the names of the wines, specially chosen in Etruscan to underline their cultural roots.

The attention to nature and the search for innovation have pushed Terre di Marfisa to an agronomic management oriented towards respect and synergy with the environment, so much so as to use energy produced on its own from renewable sources.
The passion that the family has in the production of their wines is associated with maximum attention and specific expertise, obtaining products that represent an excellent combination of modern techniques and tradition.


In the estate, which extends over 20 hectares, 7 hectares of vineyards have been planted, choosing the most suitable vines for its favorable exposure and the vocation of its volcanic soils. Sangiovese, Petit Verdot and Syrah are produced here among the red grape varieties, Vermentino and Incrocio Manzoni among the white grape varieties.

Six hectares are planted with olive groves for the production of Eleiva extra virgin olive oil. Farnese belongs to the territory of the DOP Canino, recognized as one of the most appreciated oil qualities at a national level, for this reason we wanted to enhance its typical characteristics by choosing exclusively the Caninese monocultivar for our olive grove.

Eleiva is a cold extracted EVO oil within 24 hours of the olive harvest; harvest that is brought forward, to enhance the spiciness and the slight bitter aftertaste that already characterize the Canino oil.

Finally, 2 hectares are dedicated to cultivation in modern automated greenhouses, technological jewels that house a 220 kW photovoltaic system that supplies renewable energy to the company and the surrounding area.