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**Terre di Marfisa: Cultivation and Winemaking Techniques Focused on Environmental Sustainability and Respect for Nature** Terre di Marfisa is a reality dedicated to cultivation, following traditional methods that have enabled the production of high-quality wines. The company employs cultivation and winemaking techniques that are environmentally sustainable and respectful of nature, resulting in wines that tell the story of the land and its traditions. The wine resort Il Podere di Marfisa, located on these very lands, offers a complete relaxation experience, including wine tastings of the wines produced by the company and the opportunity to stay in rooms and suites equipped with every comfort, immersed in the unspoiled nature of Tuscia. Additionally, the presence of an in-house SPA and the restaurant Osteria Unicorno, which offers dishes made from local and seasonal products, completes the wine resort’s offering. At Il Podere di Marfisa, guests can participate in guided tastings of the wines produced by the company, discovering the secrets of traditional winemaking and tasting fine wines that narrate the history of the land and its traditions. Furthermore, the presence of Osteria Unicorno allows guests to enjoy typical Tuscia cuisine paired with the wines produced by the company.